Doug Paul Case

If Ever We're in the Same City

I love Twitter because where else can I tell Macy Gray that more than anything I want to get brunch with her—wherever they still do bottomless mimosas—and have her accept. I'M DOWN, she said, LET'S GO. And yes, I squealed a little. Yes, I started singing I'M GONNA LOVE YOU ALL OVER THE PLACE. I love how she does what she wants. I love how, in TREAT ME LIKE YOUR MONEY, she whispers WHY when raps BABY DON'T ASK ME BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WHY. I maintain she is America's greatest living storyteller. Fuck Dylan. I can't listen to SHE AIN'T RIGHT FOR YOU without crying. It's been years. The thing about Macy is not only that she's been there but that she knows you've been there too. Why spill everything when you can commiserate. Why say more than HE HAD A BIG INSURANCE POLICY [pause] TOO. My favorites are the songs where she kills the villain. Lord, don't we all know who she's singing about, us along. Don't we all want it to end the same way. We’ve got tickets on the next plane outta here.


DOUG PAUL CASE authored the chapbooks Something to Hide My Face In (Seven Kitchens, 2015) and College Town (Porkbelly Press, 2015). He is the poetry editor of Word Riot and of Gabby, a new journal dedicated to talky poems. He works as a salon receptionist in Bloomington, Indiana.