Jennifer Jackson Berry


Be Done With it

No jack-o-lanterns, no jarred
spaghetti sauce, no Eggo
on a plate with a fancy-ass P & R
fashioned out of scrapbooking supplies.
No Starbucks cups, no traffic signs
with the word “bump.” Don’t
use your dog. Or your other kids.
No Barbie bent over
next to an empty bottle of Jack,
Ken behind her—two parts
of an equation that leads to
a pee stick. No pee sticks.
No Demi Moore poses even if
you know who Demi Moore is.
No watermelons, no air compressors,
no body paint. Nothing with his belly.
No, not even if it’s as big as yours is
or will be. Not even if your bellies match
exactly & meet when you face each other
& form some kind of heart. Actually—
no body parts forming hearts at all.
Quietly say we are growing a heart.
Then let it be done.



JENNIFER JACKSON BERRY’s first full length collection of poetry The Feeder is currently on pre-order from YesYes Books ( Her poems have appeared most recently in journals such as The Paterson Literary Review, Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal, Toad, and Whiskey Island, as well as the anthology Political Punch: The Poetics of Identity (Sundress Publications, 2016). She is the Editor of Pittsburgh Poetry Review and an Assistant Editor for WomenArts Quarterly Journal. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.