Patrick Samuel

fist you hear constantly

retracting the deed its statement
left unsigned belonging not one

night throat sketching each viney
page through my hair like a school

of minnows everyone is so friendly
their names four bare feet in my mouth

throw a cast of nets and it wasn’t all them
reasons for you to come back



you never think of the stuff that’ll go in your pockets when you’re trying on jeans

   I watch you empty 
   and fit what you can
   into a tighter leather
   it turns out I don’t exist
   in the places
   I initially thought

   if I said I stayed
   my whistling you to a theatre
   where I’m saving seats

   maybe then I wouldn’t 
   consider grass a stain
   or lie about wanting children



Patrick Samuel resides in Chicago with his boyfriend and their two cats. He holds an MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago and co-curates a local reading/performance series called The Swell. His most recent work appears or is forthcoming in The Corduroy Mtn., LEVELER, Cutbank and NOO.