Tariq Luthun


For Those We Left Behind

each day i ask my mother
what we do
                        when we can't fight,
                        and there is no money
left to give. tired, she lifts
                        her eyes from the dishes,
                        her hands up from the bath,
and gives:
                        a gentle laugh,
                        a sigh, we make
                        du’a, we pray

                        for whatever remains
            after the sea rises
to swallow our shore




TARIQ LUTHUN is a Palestinian-American strategist, community organizer, and Emmy Award-winning poet from Detroit, MI. He is currently an MFA candidate for poetry at the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. Among other involvements, Luthun is the Social Director of Organic Weapon Arts Press and a co-founder of the PoC-dedicated literary arts series FRUIT. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Vinyl Poetry, The Offing, Winter Tangerine Review, and Button Poetry, and more. He is a deep dish pizza evangelist, and can best be described as the end-result of early-career Drake falsetto-rapping Edward Said's Orientalism.